Initially, it was the parents of children with thalassaemia who had the idea of establishing an organised association for those suffering from the disease as they were experiencing problems within the family and the community as well as being financially exploited. Support from the scientific community was almost non-existent at the time. The first meeting took place on May 14 1973, at the Pallouriotissa Primary school with around 30 parents. An organisation was established then under the name “Association of Parents with children with Mediterranean Anaemia”, with its headquarters in Nicosia.

A decision was taken for mass action to resolve the ongoing problems they were experiencing. The association was entered on the Nicosia District Clubs Register according to the law for the registration of clubs article 112. Later in March 1974, as it was found the problems with Thalassaemia affected the whole of Cyprus, it was decided at an extraordinary general meeting to rename the association Pancyprian Thalassaemia Association –PAS”, so that the problems could be dealt with on a national level.

A branch was set up in Limassol and another in Larnaca to serve these two districts. 

The basic framework of the current constitution was approved at an extraordinary general meeting that was held at Nicosia hospital on 27-3 – 1977 - immediately after the ordinary general meeting report, financial accounts and greetings - with a decision to gradually implement it. The approval of the final draft was taken by the board of PAS on 29-4-77 and was submitted to the District officer of the Interior Ministry for approval on the 31-5-1977. Official approval was given on 3-9-1977. 

The constitution as it is in effect today was approved at an extraordinary general meeting on the 30-3-1980 at the School for the Blind in Nicosia and was submitted to the Registrar of Clubs and Associations at the Interior Ministry to be listed on the register of clubs and associations on the 8-4 –1980. The Pancyprian Thalassaemia Association was established by the parents of the then thalassaemic children with the aim of dealing with the disease and its radical cure. It also aimed at helping the thalassaemic become accepted into society as smoothly as possible.

One of the chief concerns in its struggle was the creation of the Thalassaemia Centre which was realised in 1980. Our association is a member of the Thalassaemia International Federation that was established in 1987, the founder of whom is the current Chairman, Panos Englezos while the President of the organization that has its headquarters in Cyprus is George Constantinou who is a thalassaemic patient himself.

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