The formation of Cyprus Association Of Civil Engineers and to the reasons for its establishment, were provided alongside the invitation to the first General Assembly of the Cyprus Association of Civil Engineers (CYACE) held on 11 December 1993.

The Founding Assembly of the CYACE was held on 12 December 1992, with official registration of the 48 founding member Association taking place on 23 September 1993. The CAEC’s establishment was deemed necessary due to the continuous downgrading and marginalisation of the profession in both the private and the public sector.

The establishment of the Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK) gave rise to the foundation of an independent organisation, which would exclusively represent Civil Engineers.


The Association's main objectives are:

  • To inform the public about the role of a Civil Engineer through press conferences, press releases and participation in public debates on industry-related matters.
  • To protect all acquired rights covered by Legislation.
  • To set up a working team of Civil Engineers, from all branches of the industry, who will identify and analyse problems faced by fellow Engineers with a view to resolving them through the Cyprus Technical Chamber or other responsible body.
  • To train fellow Engineers by means of organised seminars, educational trips etc.
  • To be represented in or to participate in any committees, relating to the Civil Engineering profession.
  • To develop a database, outlining qualifications, speciality and experience of Civil Engineers, purely for professional purposes.
  • To organise social events in order for engineers to meet other engineers and to improve relationships within the profession.
  • To obtain Civil Engineering studies for government projects directly from Cypriot engineers.
  • To offer guidance and assistance to newly-qualified Civil Engineers, enabling them to settle more easily into the profession.
  • To support employees of Civil Engineering firms where the role of a Civil Engineer is disgraced or degraded by the employer or others in the firm.
  • The aims and objectives of the CYACE are set out in more detail in the Association’s Articles of Association.
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Association Of Civil Engineers
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