The Cyprus Shipping Council is the trade association of the Shipping Industry in Cyprus. Having witnessed considerable growth since its establishment in 1989, with originally seventeen Founding Members, the Council today comprises all the major shipowning, shipmanagement and shipping related companies based in Cyprus, thus making it one of the largest national shipping associations in the world. Monthly Members' Meetings are held throughout the year, except in July and August. After a briefing of Members by the President on the latest activities of the Council, invited speakers give short presentations on a variety of shipping related subjects. These speeches are followed by a "social hour" which provides a regular opportunity for the shipping community to get together. One of the many services provided to Members is the distribution of a "Monthly Review" with information concerning the activities of the Council, its Members and other shipping issues. In addition, Circulars are sent regularly on subjects of more technical or urgent nature. Since its formation, the Council has become an influential body in local maritime affairs and today no policy decisions concerning shipping matters are taken by the Government without consulting the Council. This has been achieved through the participation of the Council at numerous joint working groups or ad-hoc committees with various Government Departments, and in particular the Ministry of Communications and Works and its Department of Merchant Shipping, with which the Council maintains excellent relations. Furthermore, the Council is regularly called to appear before Parliamentary Committees as the representative body of the Cyprus Shipping Industry, when matters affecting shipping are discussed at the House of Representatives. In all its dealings with the various Ministries and Departments, the Council's primary objective is to assist the Government at all levels to adapt existing laws, policies and procedures to the needs of the rapidly growing Cyprus fleet in a world which is more competitive and at the same time more conscious of the need to raise quality, improve safety and protect the environment. An example of the Council's co-operation with the Government is the Council's active participation in the Organising Committee of the "Maritime Cyprus" Conference. This prestigious international event takes place on a biennial basis with hundreds of shipping executives attending from all over the world. The Council has also established a close co-operation with other private sector organisations, such as the CSA, CIBA, the Cyprus Bar Association and the Cyprus Industrialists and Employers Federation, where the Council's Secretariat participates in their Services Committee. We also represent both the Federation and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Labour Advisory Board whenever maritime labour issues are discussed. In 1990, the Council was elected Member of the International Shipping Federation (ISF), which looks after the employment interests of shipowners on an international basis and has as its members, most of the national associations of the maritime nations worldwide. Council Members and the Council's Secretariat participate actively in various committees of the ISF. In 1993, the Council was admitted to the membership of the International Chamber of Shipping which is the international association of national shipping associations and represents over 50 per cent of the world's fleet. In 1995, the Council became a member of the Baltic and International Maritime Council. Capt. Dirk Fry and Mr. Nigel D. Cleave are the Council's representatives on the Board of Directors of BIMCO, representing Cyprus, as Director and Substitute Director, respectively. Members of the Council regularly participate in many international meetings, including the International Labour and International Maritime Organisation meetings in Geneva and London and in a number of their Committees, where the Council functions as consultant to the Government representatives. Members of the Executive Committee have also acted as ambassadors for Cyprus Shipping and have spoken at conferences organised by the Department of Merchant Shipping in London and New York, Singapore, Hamburg, Hong Kong and Gothenburg. Additional such international meetings are being planned in conjunction with the Department of Merchant Shipping and the Central Bank of Cyprus. An aspect of our efforts to improve the local maritime infrastructure that deserves special mention is the establishment of an Employment and Training Scheme for Office Personnel by the Cyprus Shipping Council. Since 1993, we select suitably qualified school-leavers for whom we find employment with Members' companies. During the first three years of their employment, these trainees receive weekly tuition from our Training Officer for the purpose of qualifying for membership of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers. At the same time they receive practical training within their companies. In addition, a number of existing personnel, undertake the Institute's examinations in the form of upgraded training. In this way we hope that soon Cyprus will also be known for its highly-skilled maritime labour force. A Branch of the Institute came into being in 1996 in Cyprus, which the Council co-operates closely with in the administration of the course called "Understanding Shipping", a basics course customised specifically for the shipping industry in Cyprus. We have no doubt that by encouraging more young and well-trained people to enter the local maritime industry, we will have laid strong foundations for the development of a maritime tradition that will promote quality and safety. Furthermore, the Council has for a number of years, been co-operating with the Cyprus Higher Technical Institute, in placing on-board Members' ships, second-year Marine Engineering students for their summer practical training. In addition to the activities mentioned before, the Council and its Members are actively involved in the training of seagoing personnel from new entrants to the industry and the upgrading of personnel to higher ranks. In addition, Members are committed to the improvement of the skills of all their employees through courses on topics such as safety, environmental protection, etc. From the above it will be appreciated that Council Members take their obligations on training both on board and ashore very seriously indeed, and the Council must be one of the most active organisations worldwide in this respect. The Council’s intention in the years to come is to continue to serve its Members both nationally and internationally whilst at the same time promoting and enhancing the Cyprus flag as a registry that is prepared and willing to shoulder its international responsibilities with respect to quality shipping, marine safety and the environment.

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